Flavor Coffee Aromatic from TORAJA

Toraja, a mountainous area near the center of the celebes island- Indonesia and the oldest coffee growing region on the island.
Torajan Coffees is a splendid coffee, much like the best Sumatran Coffees. It is a little lighter in body and a bit livelier in acidity.

Two kind of flavor coffee as originated Coffee from Toraja, known as Arabica and Robusta Coffee.

Arabica coffee most has quality than Robusta Coffee,
in this case arabica has special quality in aromatic flavor and tastefully.

Toraja Arabica Coffee

If you enjoy the exotic coffees of Toraja or if you are just looking for something new, or when you come and visit to Toraja (Tana Toraja), you can try this ones as souvenier.

Toraja Arabica Coffee packaged in  bamboo, box and  bo`bok Toraja Carving

We have various type of package that have difference in weight and type of package. The package use the local handycraft such as bo'boq (a tube Wood carving), carved bamboo, carved box and course in treatment. Generally, most of them in powder coffee and that one in brown roast grain.
Toraja Arabica Coffee is an experience waiting just for you.

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jl. Landorundun 51
Rantepao 91831
Tana Toraja-Sulawesi Selatan

Mobile Case

Toraja woven cloth

One of many kind product of craft from Toraja that could be considered as an appropriate choice is traditional woven cloth.
There are one region that famed with this industry. Be located in Sa'dan, north side from Rantepao, capital of North-Toraja county. Almost the entire their communities made it as commodity.

The woven cloth called as "TANNUN" by Torajan's. Thus, they ussually called it "TANNUN SA'DAN".
The Torajan’s usually use it with multipurpose as a dressed, decoration in custom ceremony or at home as a dress room, dress table, etc.

Two kind recognized as an original woven cloth that still produced untill now are they called Paruki’ and Paramba’ ones. Both, using main material was similar threads, the differences only at design and unique texture. Paramba’ recognizing cloth with stripe design, while Paruki’ have rich motif likes icons or symbols that linked with Toraja culture.

Mobile Case

We offered the type of mobile case product with material basis Toraja woven cloth. They have various type in design, color and feature, various size, or kind of "tannun" you willing.
Another product with same material basis, such as hand bags, wallets, clothes, shawl,etc, have high quality and modish.

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Toprimindo Art Shop
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Rantepao, 91831
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